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About Us

This is group dedicated to the art of criticism. We allow all forms of criticism in here from. This includes, but it is not limited to: critiques, sporks, reviews, and personal criticism (so long as it does not include bullying). We even allow criticism against ourselves.

At this groups young age, it mainly features criticism targeted at Phineas and Ferb. Hopefully, as the group ages, we will feature more criticism from more groups.

All criticism, no matter who or what it's directed at, positive or negative, will be accepted to the group. Whether we agree with it or not. We will even take criticism against ourselves. There is only one thing we won't accept: Anonymous criticism. I.E., you make an alternate account and then submit "criticism" because you're too much of a cowardly priss to do it under your own name.

We are strong believers in freedom of speech and are not here to police you, however, we would like to give you some guidelines. In addition to these, I would like to give you all three tips.

Criticism Guidelines and Etiquette:

1) If your critique is based on something made by another deviant, please do your best to tell them. This is only polite.

2) Feel free to use whatever language you want, just try to avoid using it as an insult towards the person who you are criticizing.

3) Remember that you're focusing on the work, not the artist/writer. If you think they are being lazy, feel free to say so, if you think they are ignorant to an important fact, this is fine. But don't excessively insult them over a story.

4) Don't just say something is wrong. Explain why, otherwise you aren't helping.

5) If you want to offer advice on how to improve, this is fine. But do not be overbearing and write their story for them.

6) DO NOT TALK IN CAPS! DO NOT UNCONTROLLABLY RAAAAAAAAGE AT SOMETHING BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE IT! Try to compose a sense of dignity and temperance when you critique something. If you are displeased with it, then that is fine, but please try to state so in an orderly manner. The only times you should use CAP RAGE is for the sake of trying to be humorous.


1) If you're going to do this, expect people to be offended. It doesn't matter how sugar-coated your criticism is. People on DA do NOT take criticism well. If they were well known on the site, this is even more likely.

2) If someone makes a callout journal over your criticism (this is likely to happen at some point), do not try to report it. It doesn't matter how nasty it is. Whether you like it or not, fact is, these are allowed on DA. Sorry.

3) If someone, such as a famous deviant, sends their friends to attack, do not retaliate by doing the same thing. This will cause a war and we don't want that.


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